Owner Surrender Program

Do you have a dog that you can no longer keep? We might be able to help.

IMPORTANT: The Owner Surrender Program is for animals NOT adopted through Lakeshore PAWS. Animals adopted through Lakeshore PAWS can be returned at any time during the lifetime of the animal. 

  • There is a $50 surrender fee for altered dogs (neutered or spayed) and a $100 surrender fee for unaltered dogs.

  • We do not accept all pets. You must go through the following process and your pet must qualify. IF WE EVALUATE YOUR PET, IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE WE CAN TAKE IT IN. IF YOUR ANIMAL IS ACCEPTED, BECAUSE OF LIMITED SPACE, WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE YOUR ANIMAL RIGHT AWAY.

  • ALL animals must be owned by surrendering party.

In order for your dog to be accepted for intake, you must go through the following process:

STEP 1: Email the following information to our intake team at info@lakeshorepaws.org:

Please note: There is a $50 to $100 surrender fee for any pet we take in to help with cost of care. Please allow for 72 hours to receive an email response.


  • Dog’s name, breed, sex, age, and weight

  • Please tell us a little about your animal, how long you have owned your dog, and why you are rehoming him/her?

  • Is the dog spayed/neutered? If yes, at what age was the dog spayed/neutered?

  • Has this pet been bred? If yes, please list date and number of litters.

  • How does your dog react to other dogs, cats, children, and strangers?

  • How does your dog interact with other dogs? What is your dog's play style?

  • Is your dog house trained or crate trained?

  • Does your dog live inside or outside, where are they used to sleeping?

  • Does the dog walk well on a leash?

  • Does the dog ride well in a car?

  • Does your dog go to dog parks?

  • Is your dog used to going to public places? If so, how does he/she behave?

  • Has your dog had any obedience training? Can they sit, stay, drop, wait for meals, etc.?

  • Does your dog show any signs of food aggression? Are you able to remove a food bowl or a bone from your dog?

  • Is your dog possessive over toys, people, or places?

  • Does your dog bark or become destructive when left alone?

  • Does the dog have any known medical issues? (Including overweight/underweight): Please list any past hospitalizations and/or surgical procedures.

  • Please list all medications that you administer to your pet. This includes dietary supplements such as glucosamine/chondroitin.

  • If your pet is on any medication, please list the dose, frequency and length of time your pet has been on this medication.

  • Please list the name of your veterinarian/animal hospital where your pet has been treated.

  • Does Lakeshore PAWS have permission to contact the above listed practice in order to obtain previous medical records?

  • NOTE: Please provide a photo of your dog. 

STEP 2: If the dog sounds like a match for Lakeshore PAWS, you will be contacted and a date will be set up for a behavior evaluation. NOTE: ALL EVALUATIONS MUST BE SCHEDULED -­ WE DO NOT ACCEPT WALK-INS.

STEP 3: At your scheduled evaluation, we ask that you bring any previous veterinarian records and any medications your dog is taking (if applicable). Your dog will be assessed behaviorally to ensure there are no major issues that would impede us finding the dog a home.

STEP 4: Based on the results of the evaluations, we will make a determination in regards to accepting your dog.

STEP 5: If we accept your dog, you will need to be prepared to surrender the dog immediately OR wait until we have space. You must complete the following information:

  • Owner Surrender Form (NOTE: You must have a Valid Driver's License or other form of legal I.D.)